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Down Is The New Up [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Loris Z.

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The Hurt Locker [May. 2nd, 2010|12:29 am]
Loris Z.

I drew this when I came out of the theatre, a couple of months ago. The text says: "Saw The Hurt Locker. Liked it a lot".

I know. DEEP.
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Philip [May. 1st, 2010|05:28 pm]
Loris Z.

A sketch made with a hacked brush pen, which is in its last days...

The actual quote is this one, I remembered it wrong at the momento of drawing:

"That is the artist's job: take mineral rock from dark silent earth, transform it into shining light-reflecting form from sky".
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Missing You, Cash. [Apr. 6th, 2010|05:24 pm]
Loris Z.

I collaborated with a frame for The Johnny Cash Project.

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Monday Morning [Apr. 5th, 2010|12:35 pm]
Loris Z.

Monday Morning, originally uploaded by lorisz.

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Happy 2010!! [Dec. 30th, 2009|12:29 pm]
Loris Z.
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On Vacation! [Nov. 30th, 2009|04:32 am]
Loris Z.
The only thing I did yesterday was:

- Sleep
- Listen to all my family talk in their high pitched tones. Ears bleeding.

Woke up at 4 am. Firing up the macbook, Photoshop, and here I go, another page to finish.

(mood: great)
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Dr. Sketchy's Buenos Aires - First Round [Nov. 13th, 2009|11:09 am]
Loris Z.
[Tags|, ]

Last tuesday I attended the first session of the Buenos Aires branch of the Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School. Had a great time with my buddy Pablo Vigo (Factum!). Halfway trough the session I found that Leonardo Manco was there, and we shared a drink and some stories on the break.

Great place, great atmosphere, great models. I'm really looking forward to attend the next one.

Here's three of the sketches I did on the evening:




Originally published at Meanwhile at LostinLoris.Net....

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